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CLAR Illumi Max 120 High Power Bi-Color LED Light

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The CLAR ILLUMI MAX 120 HIGH PERFORMANCE BiCOLOR LED LIGHT is a COB* LED blast of Bi-Color light when you need it most. 120 watts of aggressive LED raw energy that illuminates like no other single head Bi-Color fixture or this footprint. Exceptionally 97+ accurate CRI color rendition, combined with a whopping 9,160 lux / 851 foot-candle of output (at 1 meter with our 65√ł reflector) and long-range wireless 2.4GHz radio remote control, make this fixture the performance champ for videographers and image creators of all stripes; perfect for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking. Where it really slams is with the standard reflector at the crucial 2-meter mark - delivering 1,840 lux of even, natural and vibrant light. The CLAR ILLUMI MAX series is the answer for no compromise light for spot applications with an accessory Fresnel, sweeping floodlight coverage with a standard reflector or using the power for indoor bounce light solutions. 

The build is tough. Solid aircraft grade aluminum for a light time of use. So lightweight - just under 3.5 pounds - that it begs to be present for all opportunities that call for serious lighting. Mobile versatility on location and in the studio. Yes, a bigger boom in a smaller physique. We don't mean to boast, but our diminutive COB LED soars into incandescence land - where only tungsten halogen ruled - without a semblance of heat and just a whisper of imperceptible sound from its brainy cooling system. 

The Bowens universal type-S mount design. You can't find a better way to find and implement modifiers, from reflectors to Fresnel heads. Such a wide range of available accessories, it beggars the mind. 

Smart thermal regulators assure the temperature stability of the light. Whatever slight amount of heat may be present, is dissipated through an automatic trigger to the imperceptible fans, sensing the need for variable internal airflow to keep the circuitry perfectly cool. The silence of the fans is deafening. The unit is so cool, that handling the light, even at full power, will not phase the most delicate grouchy grip. 

The controlling elements are separated from the primary light head, keeping the balance of weight off of the top of a stand and for easy access to the direct input of brightness values. As the control box is at a distance from the source, placement of the light isfar more flexible, safe and independent. 

The ability to be free of AC mains, with connectivity to onboard slots for a Sony style V-mount battery, eliminates the need to hookup expensive power supplies. Your dream to be in LED land, cool and stable, free of all of the heat, danger, and hassle of heavy-duty cabling, is realized in the CLAR ILLUMI MAX 120. 

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