DigiBee DB800 Flash Unit

DigiBee DB800 Flash Unit

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The Paul C. Buff DigiBee DB800 is a powerful, all-digital, self-contained photographic flash unit offering consistent output, fast recycle, and true “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” modeling lamp accuracy with a new digital interface that adds optional visual and/or audible recycle indication, slave eye on/off settings, and four modeling modes (on full, off, flashpower tracking, and independent adjustment). With a broader range over our original AlienBees units, the DigiBees offer 7 f-stop power variability with precise adjustments in 1/10 f-stops. All adjustments can be made on the unit’s rear digital control panel, featuring a responsive digital display that indicates the flashpower output, modeling lamp output, or parameter status in each of the adjustment categories. 

With the inclusion of a bright, high intensity LED modeling lamp, the modeling lamp becomes more than a tool for previewing the light output, as the DigiBee can be used for still or motion photography, delivering a bright, clean light source for a wide variety of subjects. The permanent LED is a 400 Watt equivalent lamp, daylight-balanced at 5600K.

Every strobe we rent is a package deal!
We have found that most everyone renting strobes needs a light stand and a way to trigger the strobe.  Unlike other rental shops we include the light stand as well as a  Paul Buff wireless trigger and receiver set so you are ready to shoot.

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