COVID 19 Info:

We are open for regular business!  We are happy to do "Curbside Retail", if you would like setting you up with your order in our parking lot.  Just give us a call when you arrive and we can meet you in our parking lot.  Parking on the South side of the building, or in the loading zone on the West side works best.  If the weather is bad there is a parking garage on the North side with guest parking on the back lower level.  

Rental Overview

New to renting equipment online?  Read below about how our process works.  Still have questions?  Email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

Ready to rent?  Click on the categories at the top of the home page (hit the three lines in top left corner on mobile device) and take a look at our inventory.

How it works: 
1. Pick out the lens, camera, flash, or accessory that you want.  With our equipment you can “try before you buy”, rent something for a special occasion or assignment, or try something just for fun!

2. Choose the length of time you would like the equipment, from 2 nights to 4 weeks, or let us know if you need a custom length and we will work it out.  Choose the corresponding dates from the calendar during check out, and let us know if you want to pick up in person or have the equipment shipped to you.

3. Pick up your order at our office in West Houston, or get your shipment delivered to your home or a FedEx pickup location and start enjoying your equipment!

4. Return the equipment to our office on your due date, or take the box to a FedEx facility and hand it to a FedEx employee who will provide you with a drop off receipt proving you return shipped on your due date.

5. We will check in the equipment and confirm that everything is all good!

Photo Rental Source Extras

Lens Filters: We like to keep our lenses safe, and give you piece of mind while renting, so we include UV filters on nearly all of our lenses.  Feel free to take them off, but we provide them for protection.

Memory Cards: We provide at least 16GB (or 32GB) of memory with each camera rental, so you are good to start shooting right away without needing to rent anything else.  We also have additional memory available to rent.

Bags: Need a bag to hold a lens that is bigger than your normal bag covers?  Taking several items on a trip and need a backpack?  Just let us know and we can lend you a bag from an assortment that we have on hand at the office.  

Rental Length Options

Here is a more detailed explanation of our rental length options.  Please contact us with any questions.

Two Nights: Return the equipment after holding it for two nights. This includes:
     - Monday pickup, Wednesday return
     - Tuesday pickup, Thursday Return
     - Wednesday pickup, Friday return
Two night rentals do not go over the weekend, so they cannot be picked up Thursday or Friday.

Weekend: Pick up Friday, return Monday

Weekend + One Night: Use this when you need a little extra time for your weekend rental:
   - Thursday pickup, Monday return
   - Friday pickup, Tuesday return

The rest of our rental options will remain the same:
One Week: Return the same weekday the following week; For example: Tuesday to Tuesday.
Ten Days: Typically used to cover two weekends; For example: Friday pickup, return the Monday after the next weekend.
Two Weeks: Same as one week but for an extra week
Three weeks: Same as one week but for three weeks
Four weeks: Same as one week but for four weeks

Billing / Debit Cards (UPDATED)

Do you charge a deposit?
We try to limit our use of deposits, typically only for first time customers renting above average valued equipment.  We will work with you confirm your identity, and if we can validate your billing address then deposits may be kept very small or not used at all.  Some situations that may require a deposit:
  • First time customers paying with a debit card 
  • Arriving at our office without placing an order online first
  • Sending someone else to pick up your order, especially without telling us first
  • Refusing, or not being able to show us a document (utility bill, car insurance, etc) matching your billing address
  • Using different billing and shipping addresses
  • Using a PO box for billing and shipping addresses 
  • Not having a Driver's License (or not wanting to show it to us)
  • Ordering more than one camera body, or more than 3 items
  • First time customers wishing to have an item shipped to a non-residence
  • Placing an order in the parking lot, walking in 1 minute later, and wondering why your order isn't ready
  • Being disrespectful or rude to any PRS employee.  99.9% of our customers are awesome and we love taking care of them, but don't have time to deal with the .1% who try to bully us into changing our system.
If a deposit is needed we typically hold $100-$300 depending on the value of the equipment, placed as an authorization on the credit card.  If no supporting documentation is available then the deposit amount can go higher.  We won't actually charge your card, just authorize the funds. If paying by pre-paid debit card, then a full deposit may be required as this form of payment does not provide us sufficient security. Let us know if you have any questions about this, we will try to work with every customer.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

When do you charge my credit card/debit card?
At the time of your order a hold will be placed on your credit card for the order amount, but we will not actually charge your credit card until the day of pickup/shipment. This is different for debit cards. Although we still do not capture the funds until just prior to pickup/shipping, once the order is placed your bank will hold the funds...removing them from the account.  Many folks have called us asking why we charged their cards ahead of time, but this is a bank issue that we have no control over.  We suggest you use a credit card rather than a debit card.

What else should I know about using a debit card?
In addition to the explanation above that your bank will most likely hold the funds once you checkout, you should know that your bank will also hold funds on your card every time you click the check out button.  That means if you check out 5 times with the wrong zip code, you will have 5 charges on your account.  As always, we do not charge your card until the equipment is picked up/shipped, and we never "charge you twice".  If your bank holds funds on a failed transaction then you will need to contact them to have them contact us about releasing the hold.  We will do it immediately anyways, but the banks will most likely take 3 business days to release the hold.

Do you charge Sales Tax?
If you are picking up at our office, or if we are shipping the equipment inside of the state of Texas, then yes we do charge Sales Tax.

Can I review the rental agreement?
Yes, see the rental agreement here: Terms and Conditions


Can I reserve a lens?
Yes! We understand that if you are renting for a special occasion or a job, you need the equipment when you need it! If the equipment is listed as "In Stock" you can place an order to reserve it.  (nothing is reserved until an order is placed)  If the equipment is listed as "Contact Us" then you can email or call for more details prior to ordering.  If an item has an "Expected date" then an order can be placed for any day after that. You do NOT need to wait until an item is in stock to place an order for a future date.

How long does shipping take, and what carrier do you use?
For a regular order (non-reservation) we will ship the equipment as soon as possible - either the same day or the next day if there are no address verification delays. For reservations we will ship the lens so that it arrives on or before the reservation start date.

All shipped orders go out via FedEx Ground and should arrive in 2-4 days. For those who live in the one-day delivery zone surrounding Houston, TX, the equipment will ship FedEx ground and arrive the next day.  For those farther from Houston please check with us on shipping time to be sure an upgraded shipping method isn't required.  All deliveries require a signature.

Can you bill my FedEx account directly?
No problem. Enter your account number in the comments section at checkout. We will manually adjust off the shipping charge and include an updated invoice with your shipment.

When does my rental start, when does it end?
Your rental starts on the day you pick up the equipment at our office, receive the equipment, or one day after attempted delivery by FedEx. Please note: a signature is required to receive the shipment.

For a reservation, the rental starts on the reservation day, even if the lens is delivered early in the mail.

The rental ends 2 nights, 10 days, or 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks after the start date (depending on the term you selected at checkout). For example: If you received your equipment for a one week rental on a Tuesday, then you should plan to drop it off at our office or with FedEx on the following Tuesday. See three day schedule at top of this page.

Can I extend my rental?
Probably. If no one has reserved the equipment already, then you can extend your rental rather than sending it back. Contact us via email and we will let you know if there is a availability, and a second order can be placed online if it is available. 

How do I get the equipment back to you?
For local orders picked up at our office: Simply come back to the office between 10:00 and 6:00 on the due date.

For shipping orders: Save the packaging that comes with the equipment, it will be re-used for the return shipping. You will find a pre-printed shipping label and any other materials you need to send the equipment right back to us. Once the package is re-packed as you received it, and the shipping label is attached, you can drop the package off with FedEx at a manned location.  (NO drop boxes) 

To be on the safe side, please obtain a receipt when dropping off the package. If we know FedEx got the package but it doesn't get back to us, then we don't have to bother you about it!

Do you charge late fees?
Unfortunately yes. If you keep the lens longer than the original rental length then you will be charged 1/5 of a one week rental per day. Please let us know ASAP if you will be late in returning the lens. If it hasn't been dropped at our office, or we see that is hasn't been received by FedEx after 2 days we will consider the lens lost (stolen) until we hear from you.

If you need the lens longer then let us know and we may be able to extend the rental at a cheaper rate for you.

Can I pick up the equipment in person to skip out on the shipping fees?
Yes.  See Houston Rental link above regarding our Houston office.

Will you ship outside of the US?
We would love to, but this isn't feasible at this time.

Equipment Details/Insurance

What is included with the lens or camera that I rent?
The items included with each rental are listed on each item's page. All lenses have front and rear caps, many have hoods, those that accept filters have protective filters, and tripod rings are included on the larger lenses. The camera bodies come with a body cap, strap, battery, charger, 8 gig memory card.  (manuals or USB transfer cables may be available by request)

What is the condition of the equipment?
Our equipment ranges from nearly new to gently used. We wouldn't want to rent equipment that is in bad shape, and we know you don't want that either. Any marks or wear you find will only be cosmetic, and all glass will be free from defects (although lenses may contain some dust that does not impact image quality.) 

Can I travel with the equipment?
Yes. You are responsible for the return of the equipment in the same condition you received it regardless of where you use it, so keep that in mind when making travel plans. Also, the equipment must be shipped back from inside the US.

What if I break the equipment while renting it?
Unfortunately you will be responsible for any damages to the equipment, unless you purchase the optional insurance. (Read below) If the equipment is damaged we will have it inspected and hopefully repaired, in which case you will be charged the repair bill and nothing more. If it cannot be repaired then it will have to be replaced. In this case you will only be charged the replacement price for a slightly used piece of equipment available on ebay, rather than the full MSRP. We hope this never happens, but if it does we want to be as fair as possible! 

What if I forget to return an accessory, but I can bring it later? 
We are happy to be flexible on forgotten accessories, it is tough to keep everything in the boxes sometime!  If you forget to return an accessory (charger, battery, memory card, filter, hood, etc) then we will wait 7 days from the return and then charge your card for the replacement value.  If you then find the item later on and return it we will be happy to provide a refund...even if months later.  

How does the insurance work? What is covered? What is not covered?
If you have selected the insurance option when adding items to your cart and the equipment is accidentally damaged, then you are only responsible for a deductible equal to 15% of the repair/replacement value of the equipment.

The insurance covers accidental damage to the equipment. We must be able to identify the equipment as ours, so loss or theft is not covered. Water damage will not be considered accidental, so don't take the equipment out in the rain...or on your next rafting trip!

Lost accessories are treated the same as lost items...not covered by insurance.  Broken accessories (broken hoods, scratched filters, etc.) will be covered at 50% of the replacement cost.

Do I really need the insurance?
Maybe not. Your homeowners, or other insurance policy may cover you, but we do not know the details of your plan, so please make sure you are clear on your insurance options prior to renting.

What if the equipment arrives in the mail damaged or doesn't work after I pick up at the office?
Let us know ASAP (within 6 hours of receipt). We check out all of the equipment in our office before renting it out, so if something is not working we need to know asap, otherwise it may considered a problem caused by the renter.  We will work with you to get a replacement item if possible.