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GLOW Softbox 28x39" (Bowens Mount)

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The Glow EZ Lock 28x39" QUICK SOFTBOX takes the EZ Lock feature concept to the strip lightbank design and scores! The rectangular shape features flattering, soft and rich color lighting with all the great advantages of plume softbox quality with an unbeatable safe and sure EZ positive and lock system. No more clumsy construction, fumbling with flex resistant rods or struggling in frustration for careful alignment of speedring holes. The 4-ribbed softbox opens up and closes down, 'umbrella style.' The self-catch EZ Lock surrounds a thick center shaft, providing a comfortable place for your fingers to push-lock the mechanism open, and a generous release to close the softbox painlessly. The quick-to-setup umbrella-like assembly has all the advantages of a metallic magnum style reflector without the delicate nature. This collapsible unit was borne for the road or studio, with sturdy aluminum support rods for structural stability and extraordinary fabric strength.

Please note: The softbox is only a light modifier, it does not produce light.  The octabox needs to be paired with a strobe light such as the Godox/Flashpoint AD400. THIS IS NOT A LIGHT! This needs an adapter to work on Alien Bee lights like the B800, DB800, and Einstein E640.

This 28x39" edition of the Quick Softbox is especially suitable for everything from fashion to portraiture, commercial photography to internet sales, illuminating with a narrow swath of smooth and exciting light. It is the standard staple in every photographer collection of tools. The finely finished silver interior lining makes it easy to achieve magnificent specular highlights, brings outsharp details, and provides the most focused indirect lighting, along with soft shadow definition. The shadows are slight and beautifully graduated. Colors are saturated and vibrant without the flat pancake 'flashpan' look of the direct strobe. Enjoy a full and voluptuous light that caresses your subject where even the highlights and catchlights are more appealing. The softbox rectangular shape streams all the light in one controllable direction. 130mm interchangeable speedring inserts open a world of adaptability to almost any speedlight, monolight or large barebulb strobe, to serve as an optimal tool for mastering all location situations, where quality counts. 

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