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Glow Collapsible White Beauty Dish 42" (Bowens Mount)

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GLOW EZ LOCK 42" WHITE BEAUTY DISH is an ingenious portable version of the light modifier famous for striking fashion and portraiture images showcasing the incomparable safe and sure EZ Lock system. No more clumsy construction, fumbling with flex resistant rods or struggling in frustration for careful alignment of speedring holes. The 16 ribbed dish opens up and closes down,'umbrella style.' The ingenious self-catch EZ Lock surrounds a thick center shaft, providing a comfortable place for your fingers to push-lock the mechanism open, and a generous wide button to unlock-release and close the beauty dish painlessly. The quick-to-setup quasi-parabola saucer like assembly has all the advantages of the beauty dish allure without the disadvantages of damage that a metallic dish confronts during location travel and is free of any of the drawbacks of a delicate bendable dish. This folding unit is made for the road, however, with sturdy aluminum support rods for structural stability and extraordinary fabric strength.

Please note: This Beauty Dish is only a light modifier, it does not produce light.  The Dish needs to be paired with a strobe light such as the Godox/Flashpoint. AD400. THIS IS NOT A LIGHT! This needs an adapter to work on Alien Bee lights like the B800, DB800, and Einstein E640.

This 42" White version of the Glow EZ Lock Beauty Dish series serves on subjects from head and shoulders portraits to dramatic figure studies, an optimal tool for mastering all shooting situations where quality counts. It shines in tight spaces where softboxes and umbrellas cannot fit the set comfortably. 

The unique beauty dish properties are achieved using a double reflector system that softens the flash properties twice. The final effect has qualities that cross between that of a direct flash and a softbox, giving the image a wraparound look - like a softbox, but with more contrast and a more dramatic directed beam. The white interior finish delivers a deliciously soft output, creates subtle distinction and reveals more detail of your subject. Intrinsic to the beauty dish design is a small revisable opaque deflector cover that is suspended concave profile out, directly over the front of the light source, preventing direct light from hitting the subject. The light then bounces back off the inner curved deflector plate and floods the wall of the outer bowl of the beauty dish, resulting in a broad spread of softer indirect light. The effect is gentler than obtainable from a standard reflector and markedly less harsh than of a speedlight. By flipping the deflector plate and using it convex side out, you can realize differing levels of light distribution. 

Photographers use 25" to 42" beauty dish on monolights and flash heads for flattering people shots, especially for sculpting facial features and creating beautiful shadows and catchlights. Glamour and sports photographers, which typically use a crisp type of lighting to enhance curves, muscles, and texture, use all sizes of the Glow EZ Lock Beauty Dish. This bigger 42" diameter model can produce a beam with more 'reach,' overall scattering more focused light to treat larger subjects and areas as well, but you will realize the most striking results when the dish is in proximity to the subject. When stacked in a vertical tower array of 2 or more, the beauty dish accentuates a model's full figure with perfect head to toe coverage. 

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