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Paul Buff Octobox - 47

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This is the larger of the two Octoboxes available from Paul Buff.  Please note: The octobox is only a light modifier, it does not produce light.  The octobox needs to be paired with a strobe light such as an Alien Bee or Einstein. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A LIGHT!

Octagonal softboxes (octaboxes) provide a soft, diffused output that evenly covers your subject with a gorgeous wash of light. The interior is a highly reflective silver surface that bounces the light evenly through the translucent white front diffusion panel. 

Each foldable box is crafted with an opaque black exterior shell having a recessed front lip where the white diffusion panel attaches. This recessed lip helps minimize lens flare.

Softboxes and octaboxes offer the soft lighting effect that you love without the hassle of construction and setup time. With simple and quick umbrella-like construction, each softbox and octabox arrives with the speedring and frame poles already attached - to form the box, you will simply slide and lock the poles into place, then attach your front diffusion panel. The design saves you time in your studio and allows you to take your softboxes and octaboxes on location.

Works with Alien Bees and Einstein flash units

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