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Sigma 300mm F/2.8 APO HSM (Nikon)

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The Sigma APO 300mm F2.8 EX HSM  is a high performance telephoto lens and, for the professional photographer, is an absolute requirement. With a fast telephoto lens suitable for capturing the fastest action, whether that is a local soccer game, high school basketball in a dimly lit gym or sports cars racing. This lens also does double duty isolating single faces at a news conference or catching the bride in a candid moment at the wedding reception.  When used with full frame cameras & Sigmas 1.4x or 2x optional Tele Converters it becomes a 420mm F4 manual focus lens or a 600mm F5.6 manual focus lens respectively. For the professional or advanced amateur looking for such a lens at a value price there is no other choice than the Sigma 300mm F2.8. Equipped with all of the latest technology to compete with the camera manufacturers products and produces tack sharp end result images.

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