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Studio Hut Budget Trigger set

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These budget triggers, sometimes called "ebay triggers" are not as reliable and don't have the huge range of the much more expensive pocket wizards, but if you are shooting close to your lights, these are a great option.

Each set comes with one hot shoe mounted transmitter, and two receivers that will attach to a flash hot shoe, or can be plugged in to a port on your strobe.  Each receiver has a tripod mount, so it can be attached to standard tripod while holding a flash.

Photo Rental Source Comments:
  • All hot shoe mounted flashes (speedlights), including 430EXIIs and SB700s, are compatible, along with strobes via a cord.
  • Speedlights must be in Manual Mode to fire with these triggers.
  • If you are triggering more than two lights please let us know prior to ordering so we can see if we have extra receivers.
  • If you are triggering a non-hot shoe strobe please let us know so we can confirm we have the correct cord.
  • Receivers require AAA batteries, not included.

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