Welcome to Photo Rental Source!

We are your source for renting Lenses, DSLR Camera Bodies, Mirrorless Bodies, Studio lighting, and video accessories in Houston, TX, or through the mail.


Houston Photographers: We are your local source for your rental needs. If you are renting in Houston you can pick up and return your rental at our office near I-10 and Bingle, just a little West of 610.  Please place your order online ahead of time so that we can get it ready for you.  You can read about our local pickup procedure here.

Trouble Getting To Our Office? We are happy to ship the majority of our items straight to you, or to a FedEx pickup location where you can grab your items after hours or even on weekends.  If you are in the Houston area or nearby ask us about discounted shipping rates for locals.  We can ship to you, you can pick up in office and return ship, or ship both ways!


Reservations: Please keep in mind that we reserve items AFTER an order has been placed online.  When in doubt, place an order.  An item placed in your shopping cart is NOT reserved.  If you want to extend your rental near the end of your term it may not be possible if someone else has reserved the item.  If you think you may need an item longer please let us know ASAP to see if extending is possible.

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New to renting equipment online? Read below about how our process works and check out the Frequently Asked Questions here to find out more. Still have a question? Then email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Ready to rent? Click on the links on the left to jump right in and check out our inventory and competitive prices!

Need a reservation? Email us to confirm the equipment you need is available, and if it is we will hold it for you after your order is placed.

How it works:

1. Pick out the lens, camera body, or flash that you want. With our equipment you can "try before you buy", rent something for a special occasion or assignment, or try something new just for fun.

2. Choose the length of time you would like to use the equipment: from 2 nights to 4 weeks, or let us know if you need a custom rental length.
3. Pick up the equipment in person at our office on the West side of Houston; or we ship the equipment straight to you via FedEx, complete with door to door tracking and a return shipping label.
4. You enjoy the equipment for your rental length.
5. Return the equipment in person back to our office anytime on the due date between 10 and 6. If shipping then put the equipment back in the package, use the pre-paid shipping label, and simply drop off the package at your nearest FedEx location.

How Photo Rental Source is Different:

1. We take reservations! We know you may need equipment at a specific time; so we reserve the equipment for your rental date AFTER your order is placed online.

2. Every lens we rent comes with a protective UV filter, so you don't have to worry about scratching any expensive glass. (if you don't want to use the filter no problem, but we provide it)

3. All camera bodies come free with 16 gigabytes or more of memory (either Compact Flash or SD), so you are ready to shoot without any extra expenses.

4. If you need a custom rental period just let us know and we can set you up!